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Crew Catering

We have been catering for the crew at Shindig festival since 2017 and Valley Fest since 2023 providing 3 delicious meals a day. Our maximum capacity is up to 5000 meals over 10 days or 300-350 covers per meal.


Just because its on a larger scale and a tight budget, doesn’t mean we sacrifice in flavour or using the best ingredients possible.

valley fest

We create interesting menus, not just the same old school dinner slop. We’re endlessly adaptable and comfortable with festival sites being chaotic, rapidly changing places. 

We keep our focus on healthy, sustainable food rather than filling people up with processed beige food.


We can build our kitchen and can stay on site, braving all sorts of conditions to get the job done! 

Vix, Event Manager at Shindig Festival

Phoebe and Lavs are the most creative caterers with a real flair for personalising the experience, so much so that you feel part of the Sunflower Kitchen family. They have such gracious patience and are beautifully approachable at all times. Crew meals are always well considered so they're varied, hearty and nutritious, whilst accommodating dietary requirements and budget. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sunflower Kitchen for your catering needs.

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